Capsules and Diaphragms 

From The Creative Group

For many years Creative has specialised in the manufacture and design of pressure sensors (Capsules) and pressure sensitive elements (Diaphragms) to customer specifications.


All capsules are manufactured to a high standard with all welded joints in stainless steel AISI 316L.

Ranges are from 5 mb to 1000 mb single pack construction. Other ranges, sizes, materials and variations are available on request.

A standard range of capsules in two sizes, 76mm and 63mm nominal diameter.


Creative has the experience and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce many different types of pressure sensitive elements.

The choice of material is determined by the working media and performance characteristics required. We are able to offer Inconel X750, Armco 17-7PH, Stainless steel and Beryllium copper.

For applications requiring high corrosion resistance the more exotic alloys developed specifically for the chemical industry may be used, such as Tantalum, Hastelloy C and Monel 400.