Electron Beam Welding

From The Creative Group

The right tools for electron beam welding.


  • Vacuum process, yields clean reproducible, high integrity joints
  • Low heat input with minimal distortion and a narrow heat-affected zone
  • Weld penetration of up to 30mm+ Metals of dissimilar melting points and thermal conductivities can be welded
  • Quantities from one-off development to large production batches can be accommodated.

Electron Beam Welding is a well proven method of producing homogenous joints in a wide range and combination of materials. The components to be welded are placed in a chamber which is then evacuated. High energy electrons are focussed to a small diameter spot and deflected so as to impinge on the joint interface giving up their kinetic energy in the form of heat.

The localised heat input results in a weld which has negligible distortion enabling machined components to be welded as a final operation. Since the welding is carried out in high vacuum there is freedom from oxidation. This precise nature of the process has the added advantage of predictable repeatability over long production runs thus ensuring the maximum degree of quality control. The last, but no means least, advantage is the cost effectiveness of using this process in production.

The combination of economics and weld integrity is best achieved by early consultation between the designer and Creative Instrumentation.