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Vacuum brazing is a fabrication technique which is complimentary to welding.  It is not always possible to or desirable to weld assemblies together but the requirement for strength or hermetic sealing may still exist. Vacuum Brazing is a high temperature process which, because of the absence of an oxidizing atmosphere, uses fluxless brazing alloys.

Components are held in their correct relationship by designing the joints to be self locating, using wire, tack welds or custom designed ceramic jigs. The joint design and clearances are important so consultation in the design stage is recommended.

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Advantages of Vacuum Brazing

  • The nickel alloys used are less costly than the silver brazing alloys necessary for the low temperature processes.
  • The heating and cooling cycle is precisely controlled which reduces distortion to a minimum.
  • A large number of components can be processed at the same time
  • Flux free brazing results in a clean bright finish
  • The furnace temperature is accurately controlled allowing step brazing using one alloy.
  • Excellent capillary action results in joints free from inclusions
  • The process is consistent and repeatable.