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Creative can supply a range of vacuum instruments from Thyracont that provide solutions from intelligent transducers through to advanced vacuum controllers. Products include hand-held meters and dataloggers, vacuum controllers, transducers/sensors and digital vacuum displays. Creative manufacture a range of absolute vacuum gauges and switches, and chemically resistant vacuum gauges for laboratory and industrial applications.

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Absolute Vacuum Gauge

This well proven vacuum gauge features a lightweight aluminium case which can be either panel mounted or mounted directly to your vacuum systems plumbing.

The sensing element is an Electron Beam Welded capsule which is designed to be nested in the evacuated condition. The gauge has virtually no hysteresis and has a very repeatable performance. The movement is fitted with jewelled bearings resulting in an exceptionally smooth pointer travel. Positive pressure up to two Bar will not cause damage or alter the calibration.

Each instrument is individually calibrated at every cardinal point on a rising pressure, with the pressure standard used traceable to the National Physical Laboratory. It has a large 85mm diameter dial for good readability.

Vacuum Gauge instruction manual

CR2 Barometrically Compensated Capsule Dial Vacuum Gauge

Chemically Resistant Vacuum Gauge

This gauge has been designed for applications where chemical contamination exists.

The sensing element, pressure chamber and connection port are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials.

The gauge movement, dial pointer are isolated from the media to be measured.

Adjustable Vacuum Switch

This general purpose vacuum switch enables user adjustment of a vacuum switch point.


  • User adjustable switch point
  • Small switching differential
  • Set point range 30-1000 mbar
  • Normally open or normally closed switch points
  • Repeatable switch operation
  • All wetted parts manufactured in corrosion resistant material